The Non-Negotiables!

  • non-smoker
  • working. Has worked. Will work. Work ethic.
    • Ideal – love his work, but recognizes need to contribute financially to the family
  • parenting possibilities
    • will/can provide sib for The Mook – bio or step or adopted
    • recognizes that he is not the primary father
  • healthy relationship with his mother and other family
  • sex!
    • healthy sex drive
    • adventurous and open and all that good stuff
  • healthy and self-aware: mentally, emotionally, physically
  • appreciates the art of communication and the enjoyment of silence
  • self-assured and confident
  • has a creative outlet
  • self-sufficient/independent
  • liberal/left-leaning
  • adventurous
  • gives and receives physical touch openly
  • an EQUAL partner in all aspects of our lives


Returning home to a stack of clean dishes. Clean dishes that I didn’t clean myself.
The way The Mook says “Ok, mummy”, like it is actually several words. As in “Oh. Kay. Muh. Mee”.

Toddler fashion – no pants, winter boots, Mum’s hat. Makeup compliments of “noodle sauce”.

A stack of books yet to be read.

love is love is love

I’m baffled, wobbling, balancing between wonderings. I need, I crave human touch. Nakedness. Flesh to skin and joyeous abandon. Slow, fast, rough, gentle. Hell, I’d be happy with a hug, a kiss on the neck, a hand on the small of my back, a caress of the inside of my elbow.
I miss it.