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If you do an internet search on Google for Virtual Wifi Hotspot you will find 1 of 2 things. The posts feature information about phones that may be coming out shortly, with a posting date from 2004, or you’ll find posts from people that have downloaded applications because of their cell phones that enable them through their information plan that is capped to make VoIP calls using emulation software. With the improvement that WiFi VoIP telephones have made in the past two years, it’s not credible that there’s so little written about that latest handheld hardware.

Virtual Wifi Hotspot

The Locktek Virtual Wifi Hotspot is a massive step forward in mobile communications. The telephone weights around 3oz, has a crystal clear color TFT display and supplies standby time of around 140 HOURS with a discussion time coming in at 7.5 hours. As well as dimming of keypad and the screen, along with the well written firmware increase talk and standby time to levels never seen before the most recent firmware. With the Multi-Dialing feature, you are able to dial phone numbers, IP addresses and SIP accounts directly.

With a SIP account from any worldwide SIP supplier, you are able to make and receive international and local calls from any place using an authenticated or open WiFi signal. I use mine at an area well-known chain donut shop – I walk in, turn on my Virtual Wifi Hotspot and within seconds I am connected with their Virtual Wifi Hotspot. I will check my voicemail and make or receive calls at nearly no cost, depending in your SIP strategy. Compared to your cell phone annual plan at $39.95 a month PLUS TAXES, my total VoIP statement last year was $60, for the YEAR. We are going to talk about costs and multiple inbound phone numbers in a later post.

I’ve discovered with the number of open and available WiFi access points in my own area including libraries, coffee shops, fast food locations, book stores and municipal WiFi (available in many cities across the US, Canada and worldwide), I Have found that I can maintain connection with my friends, family and workplace wherever I ‘m. I never miss a call due to voicemail, and sound quality compared to AM Radio (cell phone) is unbelievable using g711 (FM/CD quality) with the WP04. Folks on the other end will hear you as if you were on a landline. Since programmed dedicated VoIP SIP processors are used by the WP04, there is absolutely no emulation, so even in crowded Muni-Wifi or airport Virtual Wifi Hotspot get through and sound great on both ends.Click virtual-router to buy virtual wifi hotspot for yourself.