How To Update Ford VCM 2

Ford VCM 2 Software upgrade: VCM has two items of CD, 1 is for IDS applications, still another one is for JLR applications, plus they individually upgrade. After the most recent software release, we’ll declare you the down load link or deliver you C D if necessary, please obtain and set up by abiding by another upgrade measures:


1). enter IDS (Ford and Mazda),
2). open the folder stored with update software;
3). close IDS software;
4). run IDSPatch.exe in the IDS-License Software;
5). update ok, click exit;
6). Supply power for Ford VCM main head;
7). connect Ford VCM with the computer;
8). open the software, click to update;
9). “update”, then click “OK”.

VCM IDS update file

Ford VCM 2

1). Convert service to JLR (Jaguar & Land Rover);
2). close JLR software;
3). open the JLR-License Software to run JLR License.EXE
4). update ok, click exit.
VCM Firmware Update:
When you get message to update firmware, click “update” with disconnecting to the network.
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