Mini Thermage

mini thermage

Will there be a Safer Alternative to your mini thermage Procedure? A couple of years back a non-invasive treatment wrinkles were approved by the FDA, but it turns out that this process additionally acts as a mini-mini thermage too. Unlike wrinkle treatment or wrinkle filler procedures like restylane injections or botox for wrinkles – this process helps to actually tighten-up loose sagging skin.

That makes it perfect for place that restylane and botox can not help – droopy jowls, sagging chin, droopy brow, eyes, jaw line and those dreaded nasolabial folds (they are those parentheses you see around the mouth/ nose region). The procedure is called Thermage and is an entirely safe, clinically established process to tighten skin and enhance the tone and feel………….all without injections, cutting, bleeding, anesthesia or any type surgery!

Mini thermage  is done on an outpatient basis, by a qualified physician.

Mini thermage works by heating collagen fibers in the deep layers of tissue and your skin – causing an instant tightening action and stimulates collagen production. That is why results are seen immediately and continue as collagen is build over the following six months to improve.

To prolong the results you ought to follow the hints for healthy skin summarized in the web site given below. For instance, always use top skincare products that help to continue this collagen growth, like copper peptides and emu oil for healing. Another collagen builder (you receive the go ahead from your own doctor) would be to perform skin needling to further stimulate collagen and elastin production. For more information, see