Newest Worries

  • Telling The Mook about the new job, since she adores my current part-time gig (well, the idea of it anyway. Office pets include a frog and a turtle. What kid wouldn’t love it?)
  • Finding cheap parking in the area of my new job since I just can’t see how the streetcar will be reliable enough to get me across the city in time for daycare pick-up time at 5:30 pm.
  • Doing the math to figure out the costs (money AND time) to take streetcar when I don’t have The Mook and to take the car when I do have The Mook. Parking is $9.00/day. Transit costs for me alone is $5.00/day. Transit costs for me and The Mook is $11.10/day given that I have to pay for 2 trips each way for me because I can’t just hop off the streetcar to drop her off, then hop back on (this is only one of the ways that the Toronto transit systems fails its riders)
  • A whole new schedule! I haven’t had to be anywhere for 9 am for nearly 2 years. The Mook and I are NOT morning people. This morning the alarm went off at 7 am. Then again at 7:30. Then again at 7:45. We were awake and talking to each other by 7:30 am, but if I have to be at work for 9 am and have to factor dropping her off at daycare, then, in the future, I’m going to have to have our asses out the door by 8 am, even earlier if we’re streetcar-ing it.
  • Will this is the best opportunity to suggest to the Former Mr that we switch up The Mook’s schedule?
  • I need decent clothes!
  • Holy shit, I don’t have to use the tax return I just got for RENT and FOOD and sensible things! I could pay down DEBT or buy shit I WANT rather than NEED.