Prepping PP Banner For The Web

Prepping pp banner ads for the web is based upon the publisher specs. Many publishers have specs depending on file size (according to pp banner measurements) risque or non risque, and animation. Let us take one of the stricter publishers and use them as an example. This particular publisher has really demanding guidelines to follow, but they will have high conversion rates, so getting your pp banners there is really worth the trouble.

Most publishers use the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards as guidelines for the ad unit sizes they publish on their websites. An average unit is a “medium rectangle” (in pixels that’s 300×250). Many publishers won’t let you exceed more afterward 20k in file size. Among my first clients was a the weight loss company of a women. Picture shrewd one of the most effective strategies to use for fat loss would be to use a hot woman in a skimpy bikini. The dilemma with this, is many publishers are extremely picky about using imagery that might be to risque. Most pubs are going to want to see the creative you’re going to use before it is actually published by them. Normally pubs will assign a representative and will cause the approval procedure.

Optimizing your pp banners is a thing that you’ll most likely do in exactly the same software application where you animate. In regards to creating imagery, Adobe Image Ready gives a lot of tools to you, but for pp banner ads you need to just a few of those choices. Fixing the colors and the lossy can reduce your file sizes to get your pp banners inline with publisher specs.

Adobe Image Ready is the place where you may get your cartoon done. Most pubs don’t allow you to use constant nor hefty flashing animation. Usually you will not be able to animate (loop) longer than 15 seconds and you will have to use no less than.5 seconds in your loop transitions. Another point about animation is you always want to have the cartoon stop on the “call to action” (CTA).If you are looking for more information on pp banner, please visit: