PVA Filament 1.75mm

3D print using pva filament 1.75mm has some special conditions for the printing device, the most important of which is to have stage is built by a heated so as to avoid the part that is printed from warping up and to have it stick well to the base. Sadly not everybody has a printer that’s capable of using pva filament 1.75mm thermoplastic materials as is also the case with us and our MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer that is designed to support PLA printing that is only formally. That’s just why we were looking for assorted things that could allow us to print using pva filament 1.75mm without the requirement to put in a heated build platform to our Replicator 2 and we could have discovered a workaround that is good.

We have decided to try this idea outside and have stumbled across it – printing on a prototyping perfboard used for generic electric jobs. So we purchased some different perfboards to try printing with pva filament 1.75mm and have found out them and our initial tests have produced results that were quite good as you can observe in the photograph above. With that however there are a number of catches that you need to be mindful of if deciding to try this workaround out, the important idea is the fact that it works however.

The trick that prevents the warping of the prints by using this process are the holes of the perfboard where some of the filament gets in and so, you have to print the models with a Raft however to get good prints that stick to the build plate. Do notice that this alternative has some drawbacks along with other hassles that we have found while trying things out. First we had trouble finding large enough perfboards to cover our complete construct platform, so we’ve settled with all the biggest ones we’re able to discover, but this means a small size for the prints using pva filament 1.75mm. It’s turned out that the perfboards are not absolutely level and that will cause issues so we have used the flattest one to get better results, when we got them. After inserting the perfboard to the build plate you’ll have as a level adjustment will add something at the top of the level you typically would use for the regular build plate to do it.

PVA Filament 1.75mm

You should attach the perfboard well to the construct plate so that it will not go during printing, but at the same time will still be easy to be removed when you have to get hte printed part off it and then you would need to scrub the holes of the perfboard from the remaining material. The cleaning part is very important when they’re not cleaned following a print you could start getting the prints warping again and as the holes do the trick, you may utilize a paperclip to readily eliminate the remaining pva filament 1.75mm stuff. We are still playing on perfboard with the pva filament 1.75mm printing, but things are really looking promising on the Replicator 2 based on the results we are getting, so stay tuned for more advice according to our encounter.

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