Traditional Bows

Traditional Bows

Hunters have the option of using either the traditional bow or the conventional bow. Users of the conventional bow have been yelling themselves hoarse that hunting traditional bow fashion is unquestionably more advantageous, and to an unjust measure. And the debate continues!

Based on the research amounts–

(a) There was approximately a total of 155,000 hunters (registered ones) present during the bow hunting season.

(b) Hunting traditional bow fashion was gratified in by 70,000 participants.

(c) Vertical bows were used by 55,000 registered hunters.

(d) Some hunters that are documented (30,000 of them) used the vertical bow, but practised hunting traditional bow style too.

(e) Among the Senior Citizen Hunters, while the traditional bow was taken up by 4,000, the perpendicular bow was favored by 1,000. About a 1,000 hunters used both. These citizens were granted licenses that were free.

(b) Hunting traditional bow style was indulged in by 70,000 participants.}

What does one understand from the above mentioned figures?

Traditional Bows

There were 30,000 participants among 55,000 registered users who also went in for using the traditional bow as well, though they took up the traditional bow or the vertical bow. This really is quite a large number.

Coming to the Senior Citizens, just about 1,000 members favored to combine the vertical bow and the traditional bow. The majority of the senior went in for hunting traditional bow fashion, leaving aside the traditional bow! Thus, the traditional bow bought from was favored by even hunters advanced in age!

Going through all the research studies and the data that is observable, it is now clear that results have gone in favor of traditional bow users! It is no surprise these enthusiasts are feeling elated!

True, hunting traditional bow fashion is more advantageous when compared to hunting with the vertical bow, but the gain is really nearly insignificant, or minuscule.

But this time also, results favored traditional bow users! Based on the statistics of the survey, while traditional bow users attained a success rate of 21%, traditional bow hunters went slightly higher with 23%. It was once again clear that there was only a marginal difference in the achievement rates of hunting with the conventional bow and hunting traditional bow style.

Ultimately, statistical research over a long period of time has conclusively demonstrated the harvesting does not rely on the traditional bow or hunting traditional bow style –it is based on the individual wielding the weapon. So the traditionalists have not a reason to continue with their narrow minded views and insist on the banning of traditional bows.