You know what would be nice?

If my workplace recognized that, in the last year, I’ve:

  • established/built a database where they didn’t have one before (we serve 400 clients, but had no way to track them for fuck’s sake)
  • revised all their materials so they didn’t look like they were designed/formatted by a 10-yr old who just discovered text boxes
  • established a presence for them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and with the community-at-large
  • marketed and promoted the shit out of them at every turn

I hate this. I hate smiling and nodding in exchange for $12.50/hour for a total of 14 hours a week. And being told that they want me to schedule every task I do? Are you kidding me? Next time the network goes down, I’m going to point to my fucking job description and tell them that rescuing them from downtime is not on my “task schedule”.

In other news, I continue to send resumes (good ones, dammit) and hear nothing in response. And I continue to accept money from my parents because I have no other choice. And I continue to feel worthless and useless and – shock and awe – unappreciated by the only people who seem to want to employ me.

Also: carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and arms. Fucking awesome. Am in constant low level of pain.

PS – I should probably fill the prescription for the anti-depressants my GP gave me. Which will require money I do not have.